Restart Your Eero Router Using Eero App Installed on Smartphone

Eero is rolling out a new update that will make your WiFi faster and more reliable. sometimes you may fuss in a situation when you need to restart your Eero router. At that time, there is no need to disconnect your Eero from the power supply. Just power cycle it through the app installed on your phone. An Eero app is available on all app stores. This app support Eero devices with version 2.10.0.

Why is there a need to reboot your device?

Not all of us know why we restart our device, which is essential for us to understand. Let’s find out the reason first. The reboot function is performed on the Eero router to fix the primary or common issues. If you have tried all other steps to fix the problem but didn’t get the success, then restarting will help you out. It is now possible to continue the app with the help of the Eero app installed on the phone. There is no need to disconnect the device from the power supply after restarting it through the app. Reasons why need to restart the Eero device are:

  • Low speed of the network.
  • Router is not connecting to the smart devices.
  • Network problem on a specific device.

I am now, coming to the steps for restarting the Eero using the Eero app.

  • Tap to open the Eero app from the smartphone and select the device you want to restart.
  • Click ‘Restart.’
  • You will find the blue icon blinking in front of the Restart option. Click to proceed further.
  • During the restart function, the device will turn off automatically, then again after a few seconds.
  • If you restart gateway Eero, the complete network will go into offline mode first, then get online on its own.

Eero Update

Steps for restarting the whole network

If you want to reboot the complete eero network, then the steps are given below:

  • Open ‘Eero app.’
  • Tap to open the main menu.
  • Click on ‘Network settings’ under the menu.
  • Go to ‘Advanced settings from the network menu.
  • Tap ‘Restart’ to restart the whole network.
  • Click on the ‘Blue icon’ in the same way you have done to restart the Eero device.
  • The network will go offline for some time, then become available soon. You can try connecting the machines now.

If you cannot complete the restarting process, click on the ‘Eero restart’ link on the Eero customer service home page.

To perform the restart function, the Eero device and the smartphone from which you are going to restart the device must be connected to the same network. Here, the web will work as a medium for both devices. If you are having a problem connecting the network to the router, you can contact the internet service provider.

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